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A chimney can develop many different problems over time. To keep your chimney healthy regular professional servicing should occur. Some of the issue you should call us to fix or investigate are:

  • Fireplace smokes even on windless days (draw problems or blockage)
  • Debris falls into grate (mortar or brickwork loose)
  • Twigs fall into grate (birds are building a nest or an old nest is falling)
  • Soot marks on fire surround (indicates poor draw)
  • You feel nauseous when fire is on (with gas fires this may indicate carbon monoxide is present - potentially fatal! Turn off appliance and call us)
  • Smell of smoke in rooms above the fire (cracks in mortar)

You may very well be able to rectify the issue easily and safely but some issues will require our assistance. We have compiled a list of problems a chimney can develop with information on when you should get us involved in restoring your chimney to a healthy and safe state.

Should the problem require professional assistance we are available to call between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday on 07871 450 320

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Problems Found during sweeping

If the flue, grate or appliance is found to be faulty for whatever reason, you will be informed of the problem and the solution. If found to be unsafe to use a certificate will still be issued with a description of the fault/s to be rectified before it can be used safely.

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Condition of chimney stack

The chimney stack should be in good condition as should any pot or cowl fitted at the top. Mortar should be stable and hold pots securely. Sweeping the chimney should be well within the limitations of the mortar and easily withstood. We cannot take responsibility should any item become dislodged and fall or for damage that may result from unstable mortar or bricks

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